Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big Olympic News!

My shifts at the bank are short and few and far between, so I didn't receive this email until Friday the 29th even though it had been sent on the 21st of May:
Congratulations! You have won a premium volunteer position at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.
I could barely contain my excitement!!! My cousin has worked closely with Team Canada for a number of years and has traveled to Atlanta, Greece, China, Italy and so many other places. I've always been so jealous of his involvement. He lives in Vancouver, so it is right at home for him this time!
RBC is a big sponsor of the Olympics here in Canada and has been for a long time. I applied for a chance to become an RBC volunteer and won one of 100 spots!
I have to pay for my flight and my accommodations, which is going to be difficult working so few hours (a grand total of 7 last week and it's looking like another 6 and a half this week unless my phone starts ringing).
My mom suggested working on a fundraiser for the trip - it's not for profit, just to get me there and pay my accommodations. I doubt I will be able to make enough money for the trip itself but every little bit will help.
I was browsing some Ravelry projects for an Olympic dishcloth and stumbled across a 2008 cloth and thought to myself, "I could design a 2010 cloth!"
I've charted out a design and am just knitting it up now. I will post a pic once it is finished :D

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